Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are these items made? Where do they ship from? A: Our products are shipped directly from suppliers and warehouses around the globe. It's how we keep our affordable prices. Many are sourced from India, China, Russia and Mexico. Most items will be delivered by your postal service.

Q: How long does it take to ship my order? A: For items sent directly from our manufacturer in Asia, Mexico, Russia or India, the typical order processing time is 5-7 days, followed by 2-3 weeks (14-21 days) for shipping. Although some orders are delivered to you within 10 days, the average time from placing your order, to delivery at your door is 3 weeks. Shipments may also, on rare occasions, get "stuck" at customs warehouses waiting to enter the country. This can add an additional week to the shipping time, and is completely out of our control. Most items will be delivered by your postal service.

Q: Is there a faster shipping option available? A: At this time we only offer standard shipping. The reason for this is simply due to the high cost of express shipping low cost items. For faster shipping, the cost of the shipping often will exceed the cost of the item. 

Q: Can I get a tracking number for my order? A: YES! However, it takes 5-7 days from the time your order is placed to generate a tracking number. Please do not contact us asking for tracking until 7 business days have passed. This helps keep our support inquiries to a minimum. 

Q: Will my items be shipped in one package? A: If you order multiple items, especially different types of items, they will be sent in separate packages. This is due to the number of unique suppliers we work with, and the packaging size restrictions they offer. So, if you have received only part of your order, please be patient, the rest of it is more than likely still in transit.

Q: Can I return an item for a refund or exchange? A: Yes, but it is the customers responsibility to cover the cost of shipping items to us in Snellville, Georgia. Before returning an item, please contact us at sales@bandurashop.com

Q: I received a defective item? How do I get a replacement? A: We apologize greatly. We do everything possible to ensure the highest quality standards of the products we sell. However, if you received a damaged or defective item simply email us at sales@bandurashop.com. A customer service representative will get back to you asking for digital photos showing the defect or damage. This is a requirement in order to issue a no cost replacement to you. 

Q: If I return an item will I get a full refund? A: As long as the item is eligible for return (not on Items like Gift Cards, Hair, Eye Wear, Belts, & Leggings), you will be eligible to receive a full refund of the purchase price excluding the shipping cost. The original shipping cost is non-refundable. You must notify us first at: sales@bandurashop.com. Please do so immediately if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. Do not return items to the manufacturer. Items must be returned to: BanduraShop P.O. Box 392375 Snellville, GA 30039 USA. For a more detailed explanation on your refund please refer to our Refund Policy on the bottom of the check section.